Mentors and Role Models MATTER for Women and Girls. Be Part of the Solution.

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A recent report from the White House Project indicates 89% of Americans are comfortable with women in leadership, but that only 18% of leadership positions are occupied by women?  So how do we fill the gap? YOU. Think you’re too busy to make a dent in that gap? Think again.

Mentoring impacts success of women and girls. Women around the world are serving as virtual mentors by telling their stories on The Hot Mommas Project case library. Tell your story once – we help you make it teachable – and it will be told again and again to women and girls across the globe.

YOUR CALL TO ACTION:  Nominate a dynamic woman age 18 or older – yourself included – to be a role model and tell their story.  Fill out this nomination form or email mailto: with:

  • Nominee name
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  • A brief description

Exposure to mentors and role models help women and girls succeed.

If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, Give the Gift of Mentorship .

Browse other women’s stories here.

See the impact it’s having here.


The  Hot Mommas Project is the world’s largest library of teachable role models.  We are an award-winning venture housed at the George Washington University School of Business.  We take the stories of the women and make them teachable in a “case study” format. Winners of our 2010 case study competition will be published in a leading Prentice Hall textbook.  Email us, and nominate a dynamic woman TODAY


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Join the revolution, here’s one Hot Momma who did: Tina Williams A crusader for social justice, she’s changed laws in the chemical industry.

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