Women’s Business Fact Sheet

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By Kathy Korman Frey

Below is a list of facts I find most interesting for women in business. Enjoy, and subscribe to this blog for frequent updates.

75% of Americans reject the idea that women should return to traditional roles in society

Women who are balanced believe they are more successful, and are more likely to believe they are compensated fairly (86%) vs working women in general (65%)

One in five firms with revenue of $1 million or more is woman-owned.

37% of working women prefer full time work, while 79% of working men prefer full time

Women-owned firms (50% of ownership or more) account for 40% of all privately held firms.

There are 15 female – or 3% –  CEOs of Fortune 500 companies

69% of adults think women and men make equally good leaders

89% of Americans are comfortable with women in leadership, yet only 18% of women are in leadership positions.

Work-life balance is a future key concern in almost every region globally

Three in 10 women who are not employed say family duties keep them from working

Entrepreneurial self-efficacy increases when women & girls are exposed to role models

Companies with a record of promoting women are more profitable. Of the Fortune 500 companies, the top 25 companies for women demonstrated 69% higher profitability than the industry median (profit as a percentage of equity)

Women are more likely than men to share their knowledge and financial gains with their family and communities, especially in developing countries/emerging markets. “Investment in women’s entrepreneurship is an important way for countries to exponentially increase the impact of new venture creation.”

Women are poised to become the majority of the US workforce for the first time in history.

Women with a bachelor degree (i.e. directly out of college) earn a median starting salary 17% less than a male with a bachelor degree.


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