The New Sisterhood of Success and Women Grow Biz

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Today I keynoted the fabulous Women Grow Business ( @wgbiz ) first ever bootcamp. The title of my presentation was: The New Sisterhood of Success which was the amalgamation of some observations I’ve made over 20 years  in business and women’s leadership. Then, I combined those observations with research from the field. In that room, I witnessed – right along with the attendees – the pieces of the puzzle coming together.  Women Grow Business is a special group.  Some are solopreneurs, some have big businesses, all are driven, with their eye on the prize, a great brain in their head, and a great heart in their…uh…chest cavity?…and want to make an impact. There is potential for immediate scale of message, as many of the women are immersed in social media.  Combine this with their business skills and you’ve got the ultimate room full of electric energy.

New Sisterhood exercise. Photo by Shashi Bellamkonda.

Picture by Shashi Bellamkonda

I started the day excited, but unsure – as I am before every talk I give. I ended the day thinking, “These are women who could change the world, and probably will.”  Let this be a lesson to all women out there about how a couple of hours, and a room full of the right people, can change your day, your week, your year, and beyond.

Thanks to Shonali Burke, Shashi Bellamkonda, and Jill Foster for their leadership with Women Grow Business, a group that not only is well meaning…it is high achieving, ranking on a top ForbesWoman list of  business blogs for women.

See the presentation by Kathy Korman Frey here.

Register for a Sisterhood of Success workshop here.

Shashi’s Flikr Roll from the WGB event here.


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