Tamara Plant — 2010 Hot Mommas Project Canadian Case Award Winner

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Tamara Plant

Tamara Plant

Tamara Plant is the winner of 2010 Hot Mommas Project Canadian Case Award Winner!  She overcame many challenges and becomes a successful woman!

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Tamara as a Role Model

The experiences Tamara shares in her case provide life lessons that we all can benefit from.  She exemplifies a type of person who can create her own destiny and can provide a good life for herself relying on her own inner strength.  Despite the lack of support around her to achieve her dreams, Tamara managed to move forward. Eventually, after a lot of hard work and determination, she was able to live her dream as a sports writer.  She managed to escape from an environment in which she felt trapped, and was able to move forward to the successful current career path that she loves.

The entrepreneurial spirit in us all

All of us wish to be in charge of our own destiny.  Tamara did it.  She not only was able to find control in an unstable environment, but  she also managed to drive her own career path.  One important aspect of her spirit came through to me: To have a strong identity.  She noticed that many other women aspire to have their own, strong identity. Pursuing this topic led Tamara to write and publish her own work. Writing is not only Tamara’s career, but is also her creative outlet.

Overcoming challenges

Successfully overcoming obstacles is what makes Tamara special.   In her case, she shares stories of her childhood which include parental indifference and abuse. Growing up in this kind environment was difficult.  However, Tamara had faith in her ability to create a career out of her writing, and she was willing to stand up for herself and hold her own ground in a professional setting.

My career learning from Tamara

Tamara is really someone who created opportunities for herself.  Despite the fact that she came from such difficult childhood and living environment, she overcame hardship by trusting her own beliefs and hope.  Tamara’s case proves that there is nothing one cannot do with enough hope and perseverance.

Li’s friend’s Lexi Jackson comment

Tamara also inspires me a strong-willed woman.   She really knows how to make the best out of her life!


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