#42 Stress Solutions, Drag Queens, and Putting Fun Back in Business – Building a Million Dollar Business Part Time

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Rupaul's "Drag Race" Show Performers on "The Arrangement"

By Kathy Korman Frey

Today I watched performers from RuPaul’s “Drag Race” show on a reality show “The Arrangement” which is about floral designers.  It’s basically Project Runway meets flowers.  You know what struck me, in addition to how gorgeous these drag queens were: They were having FUN. (Please note, blue dress is Gigi Levangie Grazer – a noted screenwriter and author who hosts the show).

So here’s what drag queens have to do with me: I realize I’m not having  fun anymore with my business. It’s weird, because, when I started the Hot Mommas Project, I made no money. It was my research as a faculty member to provide role models for women and girls (digital, teachable role models that is). Now, it’s evolved into a real business and I make money and it’s less fun.  So, my early New Year’s Resolution is to ask the following question to myself each day:

Am I having fun with the business today?

If the answer is “no” – then – I need to remedy it. ASAP. And, to have migraines (also mentioned in the last MDPT post) is just ridiculous. I know they’re tension-related. I did the stress exercise from the this Power Plays for Women series to target the areas where I need to “chillax.” (Kathy’s answers to the exercise, for the morbidly curious)

So people, the fun starts again TODAY.

Here is a funny story:

Scene: Today on the way home from the gym, kids in urban assault vehicle, iPod plugged in, Sis-U /Hot Mommas Project soundtrack playing.

Sir Mixalot: “I like BIG BUTTS and I CANNOT LIE!”

Kids in back of car: [Giggling hysterically] Mama! Mama! That guy said “BUTTS!!”

Hubby: See kids? If you become a song writer, you can write naughty words into your song and sing them!

Son [7 years old]: Really?

Hubby [as I roll eyes]: Yep buddy. It’s absolutely true. People do it all the time.

Daughter [4 years old]: Oh oh! Okay, here’s my song! I have to peeeeeee….I have to peeeeeee..[song continues, getting into the areas of the international kids’ favorite – diarrhea]

Me: [I’m laughing too…..and, the point of this post: HAVING FUN!]

Where is the fun in your day? Your business? If none, do you miss it? Do you enjoy being a walking resume?



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