Hot Mommas Project Announce 2011 Winners: World’s Largest Womens Case Study Library Features Digital Role Models, Mentors

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The Hot Mommas Project announces winners of the annual 2011 Case Study Competition.

ABOUT:  Hot Mommas Project is an award-winning women’s leadership research venture housed at the George Washington University School of Business, Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence.  On January 31 of 2010, the project became the world’s largest women’s case study library providing free, online, global access to stories of female role models and mentors.  The result? Measurable increases in self-confidence among women age 18 and older.  To get involved, get on the quarterly alert list here.

The below winners will be announced on a May 3 global telecast at the George Washington University School of Business between 6.30 and 8.30 pm. RSVP here (Event link pending).  First through third winners are often selected for publication in major media and Prentice Hall textbooks.

The Digital Democracy: The Hot Mommas Project takes pride in being a “digital democracy.” The below cases are from all around the world, and from all walks of life…Princesses, to teen moms, to survivors, to CEOs of publicly traded companies. These are women, of all ages, telling their stories to help each other and the next generation. Get ready to read, be amazed and inspired.

2011 Hot Mommas Project Winners

First Place:

Liz Corah and Studio-310

Leap and the net will appear.


Second Place

Chelsea Swift

The Flight of a Butterfly: A Life Before and After Lupus Diagnosis


Third Place (tie)

Ann Bevans and Marion Chapsal

Ann Bevans’ Case:

Your business as a creative expression and extension of self

Marion Chapsal’s Case

Demeter and Artemis: Can We Have it All?



Charles Schwab Financial Literacy Award

Lisa Ann Manyon

Powerfully Communicating Your Marketing Message to Increase Results

STEM –  Science,Tech, Engineering, Math (Tie)

Cynthia Thomas

Finding Strength in Heeding Your Own Voice

Susan Niebur

The Opposite of Mentoring

Mentoring (Tie)

Kimberly Gladis

Wonder Woman ‘Unplugged’

Alcyon (Alli) B Smalls

Empowerment For Your Future


Kelly Richey

Finding My Way Back Home

History Maker

Cherry Woodburn

From Fearful Child To Fierce Warrior


Gina Blitstein

Overcoming the Obstacles to Realizing Your True Passion

B case (Second case, Case 1 2009)

Patricia V. Davis

Writing the ‘Sauce’ of Life

Sports, Health, Wellness

Karen Griffard Putz

Unwrap Your Passion

Breaking Barriers

Parween Habib

A Famous TV presenter : ” Leader in the Gulf Cultural dialogues


Nicolle Coco Matthews

Inspired by Coco

International – France

Carla Avenia

Why not?

International – Middle East

Safa Al Hashem

One Woman’s Prowess – An Arabian Fairy Tale!

2011 TOP 25 CASES

Asma Al Farwi

satellite adv

Elizabeth Lee Scherer

Health and medical journalism, copywriting, and consulting

Eve Koch


Gwyneth Teatro

If it is to be, it’s up to me

Jane Lovas

Clarity Focus Release

Jaruwan Numlarp

Jaruwan (Nan) Numlarp Little caterpillar caught her wings – moves to face the future

JoAnne M Funch

Adapting to Reach Personal & Professional Success

Kassandra Rempel

Turning a Road Block into a Stepping Stone

Kim Guarino


Kimberly Moore

The Importance of Embracing Change

Maria Elena Carter

Being True To Yourself

Mariana B

Mariana B “The more you dream, the bigger is your world”

Marielle Smith

Who am I? And how did I get here?

Marissa Levin

A CEO’s Focus on Resilience, Gratitude, and Faith in the Journey

Mechi Cuellar

“The secret of happiness is freedom; the secret of freedom is courage”

Michele Mees

Passionate about advancing women

Ola Mehilba

Practical Mom

Paula Whittaker

Coming Home

Rima Matrjai

Fighting all the obstacles for my beliefs as a respectful creative business woman

Rosalea Hostetler

Four Decades of Endeavor and Dreams (B case)

Sally Berenzweig

Why I am passionate about Keeping Children Safe!

Susan  Macaulay

Don’t be good. Be amazing!

Suzanne Ross

Not Every Note Resonates the Way You Expect

Teresa Ierullo

500 million Facebook users can be wrong

Zahide Yilbas

Lighting Your Own Way in the Journey of Life

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to ALL of our authors.

Stay tuned for a listing of all authors, as well as updates and our upcoming section “Writers from around the world” featuring additional writers from our global case competition.

A special note on the 2011 competition: We had an unprecedented amount of ties this year.  Our “tie breaker” judges had to be instituted even to get the point of just two in a category. Thank you to our amazing 2011 esteemed judging panel.

Go to ““, click on the case competition tab,  and search for topics that interest you. Your virtual mentors and inspirational stories await.