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Hot Mommas Project c/0 Kathy Korman Frey

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2201 G St NW

Washington, DC 20052

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  1. Carrie Tsai

    April 10, 2011

    Hi all, just wanted to pass along this blurb about a thoughtful workshop held at GWU, focused on female entrepreneurs in the Yoga industry:

    The “Let’s Do Yogis” workshop, thanks to a Walmart Women’s Economic Empowerment grant, was created to enhance the business acumen of aspiring entrepreneurial women in DC, increasing their likelihood of success in the competitive physical training marketplace. Coordinated by Students in Free Enterprise (, the success of this project is thanks to the wonderful support of participants from George Washington University and affiliates, the local business and non-profit community, and a special appearance by fitness expert Serena Scanzillo (

    For more information, contact SIFE members Jihyun Choi ( or Tim Gilday (


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